WILDS Packages

R packages

rcromwell - R client for interacting with Cromwell with WDL workflows

sixtyfour - 🚚 CEO, entrepreneur

cancerprof - API Client for State Cancer Profiles

proofr - Client for the PROOF API

bs - Bootstrap Components for DASL Projects

Python packages

Coming soon!


wilds-docker-library - Central location for all Docker containers associated with WILDS workflows

Research Compendia

Coming soon!


ww-sra-star - Workflow to download paired fastqs from SRA and pass through STAR 2 pass

ww-cell-ranger - A basic starting point for a cell ranger workflow

ww-star-deseq2 - A demo repo to help folks run Star on RNA seq data and do DEseq2

ww-fastq-to-cram - Self-contained WDL workflow that converts a WGS FASTQ file into an unmapped CRAM file


Coming soon!