Welcome to WILDS


The Open-Source Software Office of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Our Mission

In recognition of the fact that open source software is the engine of biomedical data science, the Data Science Lab (DaSL) created WILDS, the open-source software office of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The mission of WILDS includes the following:

  • Engage with people developing open-source software across the Cancer Consortium.
  • Elevate the quality of open-source software being developed at Fred Hutch.
  • Empower new open-source developers by evangelizing best practices and catalyzing community around the open-source software development process.
  • Connect developers, researchers, and providers to opportunities to share, academically publish, and publicize their software.
  • Collaborate within the Fred Hutch community to build the next generation of open-source software tools.


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Get involved

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