WILDS Contributor Guide


Scott Chamberlain



This guide is under construction - content changes often.

This book is a resource for the community of people using, contributing to, and maintaining software within the WILDS GitHub organization (https://github.com/getwilds) at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center Data Science Lab (DaSL).

The book covers important aspects of software development, including how to get involved in software as a user or contributor, code style, code review, package documentation, and more. It includes both internal facing guidelines as well as for any contributions from folks other than DaSL staff.

In the WILDS we primarily develop software in the R and Python programming languages. Where necessary, we’ll discuss a topic with respect to both languages.


Inspiration for this guide is taken in part from:


This book is licensed to you under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0), i.e. public domain.